Sexualita a intimita ve vztazích

Prekonferenční workshop

Anotace workshopu

The workshop will address sexual difficulties in the context of relationship difficulties. Aspects such as sensuality, sexual attraction, moments of intimacy etc. will be covered. We examine various issues about gender and sexuality in relationships, and also how they are influenced by social norms, ethnicity, political systems, and religion.

Workshop includes an experiential part, work in triads (experimenting as a therapist, client, and observer), theoretical inputs and case supervision. Emphasis will be placed on self-experience, awareness of the different forms of taboo and the creation of support and a safe environment.


  • 4.-5.4. 2019
  • 12 výcvikových hodin (1 hodina = 45 minut)
  • Hotel Galant, Mikulov
  • Workshop bude vedený v angličtině bez tlumočení, počítáme se vzájemnou kolegiální výpomocí s překladem
  • Cena: 2.600 Kč

Představení lektorky

I was born in New York and studied psychology in the USA, Switzerland and Austria, earning an MA and a Dr. phil. My training is in Gestalt therapy, group psychoanalysis and psychodrama. As a young college student, I was introduced to Fritz Perls by my father’s friends. Some years later, when I was already living in Austria, I met Laura Perls and invited her to conduct Gestalt therapy workshops in Austria during her summers in Europe. She became a powerful influence in my life as a teacher and mentor.

Since 1978 I have been in private practice and work in English as well as in German with adults, either individually, as couples, or in groups. I draw on many years of experience training Gestalt therapists, clinical psychologists, medical doctors specializing in psychosomatic medicine, group psychoanalysts, and supervisors in Austria and abroad. I am an external trainer at the Czech institute „Gestalt Studia“ and the Italian „International Institute for Gestalt Therapy and Psychopathology“.

My publications include numerous articles and book chapters on topics relating to Gestalt therapy, gender, and issues of sociopolitical relevance. I have also served on the editorial boards of several professional journals (e.g. Studies in Gestalt Therapy, Gestalttherapie: Forum für Gestaltperspektiven), currently Gestalt Review and Psychotherapie Forum.

Doporučená literatura k workshopu

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Vybraná bibliografie

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